Cyril Gray
Placeholder person
"Thats Rich for someone who clearly can't wipe his own bottom
Vital statistics
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Species Human
Age 13-14
Family Cecillia Gray (Sister)
Isabel Green (Aunt)
Megan Green (Cousin)
Norman Green (Cousin)
Vincent Green (Couisn)
Lord Gray (Father)
Physical Appearance Blonde hair and brown eyes.
Status Alive
Location Green Farm
IMG 1567

Cyril Philip Gray is the brother of Celia Gray. He and his sister were sent away because their parents were divorcing. He's a snob and extremely obnoxious and unsympathetic to his cousins. He even beaks the Green children's father's special return strawberry jam.He takes out his anger and frustration out on his cousins because of the divorce. They later took up residence on the Green Farm.

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