Played by:

Jennifer Rae Daykin


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Seven I'll-Behaved Children
Gender Female
Status Former I'll-Behaved Child,Deceased

Cedric Brown (father)

Mrs. Brown (mother)

Simon Brown (brother)

Evangeline (step-mother)

Tora Brown (sister)

Eric Brown (brother)

Sebastion Brown (brother)

Christianna Brown (sister)

Agatha Brown (sister)

Manga Debut Chapter 162
Anime Debut Episode 89

Liliana Lily is the third oldest of seven children and the second oldest daughter out of four. She's an imaginative, romantic girl who's a bit of a bookworm.

Estimated Age Edit

Presumably 9 or 10 years old

Trivia Edit

  • The name she told Nanny McPhee was Knickers O'Muffin.
  • She is quite close with her oldest sister Tora.
  • Jennifer Rae Daykin (who portrayed Lily) is actually a year younger than Raphael Coleman (Eric), who played her younger brother.
  • Lily taught Evangeline to read. She is also very over- protective of her Siblings mostly Chrissie, Sebastion, Aggy and Eric and is very naughty with them and simon and Tora aswell.
  • Lily was most likely born in about 1875, providing Aggie was 90 in NMcPR.
  • She is very smart and similar to her brother Eric.